It must start with a photograph…

This has been a long time coming but I think I’m in the final stages of this New Forms artwork. This has been a real struggle from inception to completion. Yes, I know I’ve been really busy with all the workshops we’ve been delivering, but the motivation to create just hasn’t been there for me. It seems the more I divert from taking photographs and move into other media, the more I feel like I don’t belong. The world of art holds nothing for me.

Hang on. Do I really mean that last sentence? Perhaps. I understand why fine art exists and I have a lot of respect for those who create it but I don’t feel that my creativity lies in that area. I feel like I’m on the outside looking in to a world that isn’t mine. I was happier working with the subtle cutting of my Structured Chaos series. Using a scalpel to cut up photographs into something more meaningful piqued my interest in thinking outside of the genre whilst still working with pictures that meant something to me. Working with art that I feel no connection to has been a difficult experience because I don’t feel motivated to connect with it. I thought it was a matter of challenging my comfort zone, but really I’m working in an area that feels so alien to me that after six months I just feel this disconnection has increased.

So what have I gained from New Forms and how can I take this forward? I really enjoyed the initial stages of the series where I was projecting my own photographs onto paper in order to draw. The drawing is something I want to continue. It started with a photograph. I know now that it must always start with a photograph. It must be a photograph that means something to me even if it was originally created by someone else. I’ve had an itch for the past week to project photographs which were originally rejected for the Structured Chaos series and take them over into the realm of drawing. It started with a photograph and it must always start with a photograph.

After that I don’t know…


‘New Forms 8’ with Graham Parker


One thought on “It must start with a photograph…

  1. I remember attending your workshop in Roz’s Saith Gallery where you showed us how to create a 3D image from a photograph; mine is of a flower. I still have the finished article on my bookshelf. It was a good day and demonstrated how easy it can be to produce something creative with a photo, a scalpel and some glue. Thanks Mel.

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