Opening Tonight in Stratford on Avon!

Tonight sees the opening of the Twitter Art Exhibit 2017 at Stratford Upon Avon in England. This is one of those wonderfully inclusive shows which features everything from high calibre international artists (like Norman Ackroyd) to local children. I love being part of these shows because it really shows the Art World what a world of art should look like.

Every year the Twitter Art Exhibit takes place at a global location and raises money for local good causes. Previous shows have been in New York (USA), Moss (Norway), and Orlando (USA). This year it’s England’s turn to benefit from the wonderful generosity of artists across the global.

Everyone participating has created a postcard sized artwork which can be purchased for £30 at the venue. This year all funds raised will be given to Molly Olly’s Wishes. Based near Warwick, this charity supports children with terminal or life threatening illnesses. I’m really proud at the thought that my art has the potential to help families and children going through such a difficult experience. If my art isn’t sold it still has the potential to help out. All unsold art will be donated to Molly Olly’s where they have the option to use it as they see fit. I love the thought that they might create a wonderful mural with the leftovers, or share out the unsold pieces for families to have in their homes. Art really is a gift that can bring positivity to everyone.

Twitter Art Exhibit 2017 is happening tonight at Stratford Arts House. It will be open daily until 19th April 10-4pm so if you are in the area please pop along and see the show. Meanwhile keep up to date with the latest from Twitter Art Exhibit via their website, Facebook, or Twitter of course! Alternatively you can donate directly to Molly Olly’s Wishes by clicking HERE


Photo & Being Awesome Credit: David Sandum


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