Draw, Photograph, Project, Repeat!

How has it been so long since I wrote a blog? I know 5 days is nothing to most people but I used to blog every day. For me the lapse in blog writing usually symbolises a shift in energies. If I’m busy doing non-photography and non-art related things then my energy is diverted into this other activity and it doesn’t occur to me to write. I may not even have the time to write.

Writing regularly is, for me, a tutorial with myself. It tells me where I’m headed, what I’m involved with, it gives me a chance to consider what my art is meaning to me. It helps me reflect on the workshops I’ve provided and what they mean to the people involved. Blog writing gives me focus and direction. It gives me drive and ambition.

By writing openly here (instead of in a personal diary) it also serves to tell you about what goes through the mind of an artist like me. I hope that it can give you inspiration, as well as share with you the process of what it takes to be a creative.

So what direction is my art going in next? I’ve written before about the photograph being key to my practice but I’ve been steadily bringing in other disciplines to recent collections. I’ve dabbled with drawing before but I want this to be more prominent in my practice. I’m thinking about returning to themes on spirals which I considered for my Chronology series back in 2013. I recently discovered an old Spirograph set from 1967 as well as a new Spirograph Cyclex set from my local toy shop. I’m looking at how to subvert these geometric harmonies and develop the patterns into something new. I’m drawing, photographing, projecting, and drawing again to get enlarged sketch versions. Right now I’m considering drawing over this again with smaller patterns and repeating the whole thing again to see what will happen.

It’s a very long process and so far it has taken since Sunday to get to this stage. Whilst I’m taking a break from delivering workshops over the Easter period, I’ll be giving my own personal practice a lot more emphasis. Watch this space!



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