Ratios and Constants

I’m still playing… [ahem]… working with my Spirograph to see what is possible. The shapes I’m drawing at the moment are less about decreasing spirals or coils but more about orbits. I’ve found a few avenues of research that I need to investigate:

1: I need to research more on the spiral of Archimedes and see if I can do this with the tools I currently have. The calculations are easy because they’re just simple parametric equations.*

2: I’ve found some images of spinning tops made from pencils and washers which could look great as a video and the images the spins create would be crazily organic and beautiful.

3: I’d love to be able to draw the Cassini Apparent which is a representation of the apparent motion of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus from the earth. This was first published by Giovanni Cassini in the 1700s I think. I know drawing this is just a matter of ratios and constants. I need to find Cassini’s orginal calculations if I want to master this one. Below is the closest I’ve got so far.


*This is the point where being an artist with a maths degree comes in really handy.



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