Brain Fractals

I’m still investigating a kind of iterative process with my Spirograph. Last week I did a little doodle which I then recreated five times larger after projecting it onto the wall. Since then I’ve added more standard sized Spirograph drawings to this first projection and projected again. Hang on. I’m babbling aren’t I? Words don’t seem to explain anything here. Pictures then…



The original Spirograph drawing. Approximately 15cm across.




A detail of this is projected and drawn five times larger.

Smaller drawings added. These smaller drawings are approximately 6cm across.



Small detail selected, projected, and drawn again. Next I’ll add more smaller images to this and go again.

I like to think of these as fractals but more organic and less mathematical in nature. The iterative process is based on creative decisions that intrigue me rather than anything formulaic. As the drawings progress I’m sure they will develop a rhythm and form of their own. I’m not sure where this is going. I don’t know whether they will become more organic or more mathematical as I delve deeper. Where will these brain fractals lead me? All I know is that I have to go again. Draw, photograph, project, repeat…


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