Coming Next: Workshops in Morriston!

We’re about to roll out a brand new workshop across South Wales. Camera Confidence is aimed at people who lack self-confidence and need to improve their people skills. Often we’re nervous when faced with new situations and new people. Add onto that any anxiety issues you might suffer from and suddenly your confidence is rock bottom. If you’re facing a job interview, or other stressful situation how can you possibly sell yourself in the right way?

We’ve designed this course to help you deal with these situations whilst also having fun and being creative. We’ll be helping you to feel good about the pictures you create using a camera and give you the skills to present these pictures to the group. We’ll show you how to put your best foot forward when you’re nervous and how even the darkest cloud can have the silver lining you’re looking for.

We’re counting on you having no experience with a camera and by the end of the four week course our aim is that you’ll be able to stand up in front of a small group of people and have the confidence to tackle any new situation.

Our first workshop will be in Morriston starting on May 2nd. Then we’ll be hitting Port Talbot, Neath, Afan, and hopefully Bonymaen in Swansea between May and July. If you’re interested then get in touch and I’ll give you details of when a workshop will be starting near you. Alternatively if this sounds like the kind of course you’d like me to deliver for your organisation then let me know and I’ll do you a quote. Leave a comment below or email me:




2 thoughts on “Coming Next: Workshops in Morriston!

    • Hi Emma, the Neath workshop will begin on May 10th. Talk to Sarah at Melin Conference Centre to see if there are any spaces.

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