Top Marks

Here are the results from using pencil with my spinning tops. I’m still not sure what I’m achieving here, probably nothing. It’s more about the satisfaction of getting a good spin.

The pleasure I get from this is the same as when you look up at the clouds and see animal shapes floating overhead, or find patterns in the bubbles in your bath, or see routes and highways when looking at random raindrops running down the window. The marks on the paper here have no significance other than their random being is pleasing to the eye. I see spirals, conches, eyelets, vortices, ears, faces, hearts, and trees. I like to watch the marks being made and imagine what they might become.

I lose myself in the moment, unsure about how long the spin will last. A short bad spin leaves a heavy short blunt mark on the paper and brings immediate frustration. A good long spin gives more delicate moments as the pencil nib dances and skates across the paper and the gratification is instantaneous.

This is intoxicating. I must make more!



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