A Piece of Peace

I’ve been painting this weekend and it’s all gone a bit Pollockesque. I’m using the spinning tops I mentioned the other day to see what is possible on a larger scale and using paint. Here I’ve used two spinning tops in violet acrylic followed by one in gamboge. This piece is approximately A1 in size.

I currently don’t have the facility to go larger but I’m not sure I’d want to if I could. I’m more interested in keeping the paper size the same and adding more layers of paint. The detail here is what is important. The random nature of how the paint falls should eventually level out into some sort of rhythm the more layers I add. I’m considering this to be a kind of relative frequency experiment with spinning tops.

I’m not counting how many spins I’m making but instead am quantifying by how much paint I’m using to make the overall picture. The standard unit of paint for this picture is around 5g of acrylic paint per spinner. I’m not sure if that’s important to artists but to me it’s something I feel I need to record.

My regular practice over the last few years has involved repetition and series using photographs and collage. This slow repetitive grind is something that is paramount to my practice no matter what the medium. The repetition is like a meditation which brings me a sense of harmony and peace. The art I create has to be something which invokes that peace within me when I look at the finished article. This method of working might not be original but it is giving me the desired sense of peace in my soul so I will continue to create these spinning top pieces for a while at least.


Violet 2 Gamboge 1


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