Confidence in Strangers

We’re starting a new type of course today which pushes people out of their comfort zones and encourages them to be more confident in new and unusual situations. Often in meetings, job interviews, or even sat at the bus stop next to a stranger, we can feel uncomfortable and lacking in confidence. This course aims to give you the skills to embrace the strangeness, confront the unusual, and feel positive about yourself whilst doing it.

The Camera Confidence challenge began as soon as our new class walked in through the door, by teaming up participants who’d never met before today. Working in pairs with a stranger on the first day of a course is a challenge all in itself but talking with each other about our photographs quickly took the stress away. Having something positive to talk about makes us feel good and gives us the tools to consider ourselves and the world around us in a healthy way.

Part of dealing with stress is being calm and cool* in the face of new and strange situations. Our group today really rose to the challenge.  I’m confident that they feel happy enough with their photographs to return next week!

*Or being able to give the illusion of feeling calm and cool. Also, there’s a fine line between selling yourself short and being overconfident. It’s not good putting your best foot forward only to find you’ve just put your foot in it!


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