Two Reds, Two Blues

This weekend I’m making more marks using spinning tops. This series is developing nicely and I have a whole heap of directions I want to explore. At the moment I’m tentatively building up layers of paint. Two Reds, Two Blues is created using four home-made spinning tops in different acrylic paints. The change between the two different shades of red is very subtle; as is the shift between blues. I should write up all the theories and concepts that are currently floating around my head so that I can form some sort of coherent objective.

I’m using no brushes here and making no decisions other than the colour and the number of spinners. The amount of paint is fixed at 5g per spinner and the marks left are purely down to the random amount of paint loaded onto the spinner and the direction it decides to spin across the page.

I guess I also need to make a video of one of these paintings being created. I need to get this done soon before a whole heap of photography workshops kick in next week and my time is spent helping other people be expressive.

2 Reds 2 Blues [detail].jpg

Two Reds, Two Blues [detail]


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