Covert Progress

I used to write here every day with tales of progress with my art but these days I tend to leave it a few days between writing. Sometimes this is due to laziness but lately it’s been because I can’t tell you what I’m doing.

Sometimes I’m commissioned to make things for other people and due to the nature of the make I’m sworn to secrecy until the release. For example I’m currently making some masks for… hmmmm…. which will be used in a promotional video for…. uh. I’m also working on some photographs for… yeah…. and storyboards for ….mmmmm. Then there’s the album artwork for… uh huh… and some ideas I’m throwing around for …. um. So you see I’m very busy with stuff. I can’t even give you a release date for any of this because… and … hmmm….. I’m also collecting footage for… ahhhh… which is a long term project which will probably happen around Autumn.

So what can I show you? Some doodles from the margin of one of my sketchbooks I suppose. As long as I cover up the name of …. ah ha… and hmmmm. And it’s not like any of these will give away any of that anyway. There you go. Covert progress!



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