Show and Tell

Would you employ this person? On the Camera Confidence course we’re always looking at ways to improve the way we’re perceived by others so that we can make ourselves more employable. We discussed eye contact, posture, and how we present ourselves so that can improve the way we come across to others. We considered how doing research before an interview can make us more confident. Knowing how to appear at your best, even if you’re crying inside, can make the world of difference.

With all this in mind we created photographs to highlight the skills and qualities we should have, along with those we wish we had. We played with ideas on distance and focus, responsibility and fun, personal and professional, all so that we could challenge our comfort zones and make ourselves aware of how we can come across to others.

Each pair of participants then stood and presented their pictures to the group, and explained what qualities their partner had which would make them employable. I’m just reading that last sentence back to myself because it’s key to the whole course. I mean, it’s massive! How many people could say they’re happy working with a complete stranger, standing up in front of a room full of people, talking to and making eye contact with the group, and getting ideas across? Camera Confidence is empowering a group of wonderful people from Morriston to achieve just that.


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