The Pattern Maker

Last weekend I wrote about all sorts of progress I’ve been making with my art which I can’t share with you. My art has taken on a more commercial twist with me making lots of props for music videos, shooting music videos, taking photographs whilst scouting for locations, as well as shooting publicity photographs for clients. It’s great stuff and I’m making art almost round the clock at the moment. The catch is that I can’t openly share progress until a lot further down the line once the PR companies have had their fix and launch day appears magically on the horizon.

So I’m sneakily sharing this today. It’s the detail of one of four masks I’ve made in the last fortnight. I made little maquettes first out of Barbie heads and Blu-tack so that I could plan exactly how each mask would look. I’ve then made each full-sized face from air-drying clay and then used these as a pattern to papier maché over. There has been lots of waiting for clay to dry, and paper layers to dry. Then finally I’ve removed and destroyed the clay pattern leaving just the paper shell to paint. 

I’ve never done anything like this before but I knew it would be really easy to get something unique and interesting. I invoked memories of those weird five minute Eastern European animations they used to fill airtime on TV when I was little. The result is other-worldly, uncanny, and just plain horrific. Exactly what the client asked of me. 


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