Cake, Coffee, Cameras, and Confidence

For today’s final workshop at Seion Newydd in Morriston we asked participants to take photographs on their own themes and present them on their own to the group. Camera Confidence is a four week long journey which helps people tackle their comfort zones. Presenting stuff by standing up in front of a group of people you hardly know is the ultimate goal, and boy did our group achieve it!

Participants have said today that they now have the ability to take a chance on new situations and not worry about things not working out. Some are even looking at enrolling for college courses that interest them with the aim to start a new career. Others are planning resitting exams, looking for new jobs, and seeking help with the challenges they know they can’t face on their own. Previously their inner doubts held them back and being scared of failing stopped them even trying. Now we have a wonderful group of positively minded people ready to face any challenge they set themselves. Our shy strangers have developed into firm friends and I’m sure they will continue to support each other as they move forward with confidence.

We’re about to start this course in Bonymaen (Swansea), Penlan (Swansea) and Sandfields (Port Talbot) in June and we can’t wait to see how our new participants rise to the challenge. Congratulations to everyone in Morriston today who excelled at their presentations today. You rock!


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