The Cat and The Tortoise

This morning’s Camera Confidence group needed something a little different today due to one group member having a job interview this afternoon. We needed to focus on what it takes to talk about yourself to a small group of people and the mindset you need to make sure the nerves don’t get the better of you.

Being positive means acknowledging that negative exists and working your way around it. Giving a presentation sounds scary but when you realise this just means talking about stuff you already know then it isn’t that bad. Factor in the idea that you’re only stood up a metre or so away from where you were sat and it isn’t too scary. The table and chairs are the go to safety nets for everybody but it doesn’t mean that you need them to talk about the excellent photographs you’ve taken this morning.

Some people interview well because they’re naturals at presenting themselves. The rest of us have to work at tricking our brains into us appearing more confident than we really are. Knowing what triggers your nervousness and finding ways to combat it is the slow and steady way to success.

We gave the group free rein on what to photograph so that everybody was presenting something they felt strong, confident, and happy to discuss. Seeing your own photographs on the big screen and presenting them to others is easy when you’re sharing stuff you know is already great. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a cat you’ve found, or a stone tortoise, or things that make you happy, or people who influence you. If you work with what makes you feel strong then you’re already a success! Well done Melin. Fingers crossed with the job interview this afternoon!


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