Eye Above

Here’s something I completed last December. I’m not that slack that I forgot to share it with you but instead it’s a case of the client not releasing until last week.

Eye Above is the latest video and single release from Malum Sky. We finished principal photography at the end of 2016 so it’s great to see this again through fresh eyes. The video itself is a complicated multi-layered masterpiece. First we created a film comprising of some archival footage as well as images of my eye and hands. This was projected over the band and filmed again in their studio space to create a grainy CCTV, surveillance style effect. Later we went back in and re-shot this a third time on various screens at different angles.

With so much shooting, editing, and re-shooting Eye Above been one of the most complex music videos I’ve been involved with to date. I’m often the producer and camera operator with these things so it was a refreshing change not to be scouting for locations and just get down to a whole heap of shooting. I also end up doing a lot of the stills photography for Malum Sky so any photographs you spot out and about on the internet are often mine.

Working as a visual creative for the music industry is a far different experience from anything I’ve done in the past. The stuff I create here is never about me, and is never for me, since it is a marketing tool for somebody else. Some photographers get really anxious about their photographs being in the public domain without their name credited but you really can’t control that kind of situation. Any photograph or video should have the band’s name prominent and not mine. The photographs I create for the band are of them and for them. They are theirs to keep and use as they see fit.

I love it if I bounce across an awesome review for their music with my pictures accompanying the article. It tells me that the stuff I’ve produced for them is having exactly the desired marketing effect to enhance their skills as masters of their craft.

Here you go, Eye Above by Malum Sky. Enjoy…



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