Would you Employ this Person?

Today’s Camera Confidence group held their last session at Melincryddan Advice Centre and looked at ways they could move forward after the course has finished. The whole point of Camera Confidence is to give people the confidence to put themselves out there and show their best side to the world. For some even leaving the house and going to a new place can be intimidating. Going forward and explaining yourself to a room of strangers for a job or college interview can be daunting. Camera Confidence gives people the tools so that they can appear confident and strong in difficult situations.

Our participants partnered up and looked at qualities in each other that would make them employable. We considered body language and eye contact as well as posture, to help us come across as the hard-working, reliable people that we know ourselves to be. What next for these confident individuals? One is enrolling on a floristry course, another has gained a work-placement and is looking forward to a career in retail, and everyone else is considering what options and opportunities they can make for themselves. Would you employ this person? I would!


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