Monday Morning Positivity

A wild windswept seafront and we’re starting a new Camera Confidence course in near Sandfields, Port Talbot. It’s hard to run workshops on a Monday just because, well, it’s Monday! Mondays are renowned for startling people out of their weekend relaxation and challenging them to take on something new. It can be so challenging that most organisations don’t even consider booking us for a Monday; but then Sandfields isn’t most places!

The seafront here is so exposed to the elements that just the slightest raindrop and it feels like you’re plunged back into Winter. Residents here are a hardy lot who don’t get put off by rain or wind, and it really showed in their willingness today to try out new skills with new people in new situations.

Camera Confidence aims to enhance the positive that people already possess and use this to build up confidence levels. We’ll be looking at what skills we need to make people more employable along the way, as well as sharing techniques for how to face certain challenges. Working around a situation using coping strategies as well as learning new creative and technical skills can make a massive difference in improving the quality of your day. If our Sandfields group can feel positive in today’s stormy weather then I reckon once the sun shines next week* there will be no stopping them!

*Just a little sunshine will do. We’re not greedy. Anything is better than torrential rain. Please?


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