In Port Talbot’s front yard…

We spent this morning on Aberavon seafront looking for the negatives and the positives to photograph. Usually it’s easy to spot the negatives; a crisp packet here, a broken bottle there. But today that task proved virtually impossible. Really. I’m not even joking. This area of Port Talbot is the cleanest place in the universe. Yes it all looks grey and windswept but it everything here is lovely.  It took almost an hour to find just one piece of trash and even then it was buried deep between a few rocks on the beach.

So on a bleak Monday morning in June we were forced to only look on the positive things we found. Here was wonderfully mis-shapen driftwood, there were the remains of offshore algal blooms foaming against the steps, over in the distance were lifeguards, and sculptures. We have been tourists in Port Talbot’s front yard and seen through fresh eyes what this place really stands for. That’s Camera Confidence for you!


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