Grow your own Confidence

Camera Confidence is a course designed to give you confidence but it’s not something you get automatically just by turning up. Confidence has to start with you, and you have to feed it in the right way for it to grow. All we do when delivering the course is give you the plant pot, the seeds, and the watering can for you to grow your own confidence in the best possible way. What you do with it after that is totally up to you!

This week our Bonymaen participants learned how to find beauty in things that would previously be overlooked or considered an eyesore. Any inner-city housing estate has all sorts of interesting quirks but it seems that rubbish isn’t one of Bonymaen’s! The group struggled to find trash and discarded items and they quickly concluded that Bonymaen is actually a lovely, clean, and pleasant place to be.

By looking for the rubbish and photographing it in a really positive way we made any negative stuff look amazing. It’s hard to believe that this group haven’t had any previous experience with photography. They found vibrant colours and shapes and played with scale and composition with confidence and ease. Let’s face it, if you can make beautiful pictures of stuff that has negative implications, then you can feed positive and confident about pretty much anything. Next week the challenge will be to see if we can use the same philosophy and make ourselves look positive and confident in front of the camera.


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