Booze, Butts, and Bras

Every neighbourhood has a different story to tell and today’s has been a tale of old bottles and discarded underwear. Meanwhile clusters of cigarette butts tell us of friends and strangers who have huddled together outside public buildings and shared stories and possibly lighters.

Looking for the story in the trash we leave behind helps us use our imagination and re-engage with our sense of play that we had when we were little. Feeling positive about objects with seemingly negative connotations can lift our spirits and help us feel more confident. Here in Penlan, our Camera Confidence group developed their sense of adventure and developed an imaginative spirit as they added to the story of their lives.

Now, just a walk to the corner shop on a dreary day has the potential to be something more. It is seeing this world, warts and all, and not letting it get you down that is the key to being more confident and happy. We don’t always get it right but at least we have the tools to examine things from new and interesting perspectives.


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