Empowerment through Selfies

Part of the Camera Confidence course focuses on giving people the tools to feel good about their body images. Selfies don’t have to feature the face and there are plenty of other ways to share a piece of yourself with the world in a strong and confident way.

Some of our participants quake at the thought of putting themselves in front of the camera so their task this morning was to find alternative ways to show themselves. We discussed how taking a picture of yourself can be empowering, how others perceive us, and how to create the perfect ‘front’ if you’re not feeling all that confident.

So here are our shy Monday morning Sandfields group. They’re all strong and happy in what they’ve shared. Many photographs here are loaded with ideas on strength, confidence, and direction. They love their own photographs enough to share them with you here. Having the confidence to say, “Here I am. I don’t care what you think of me. I am proud to be me!” Is what Camera Confidence is all about.


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