Faking it!

At Camera Confidence we know that confidence isn’t something you can buy and waiting around for it to arrive on your doorstep isn’t going to happen any time soon. Sometimes the way to get through a situation then is to make sure you’re putting on your best ‘front’ so that other people can’t see that you’re quaking in your boots.

Faking it is all about your body language. Pulling your shoulders back, standing strong and tall, and making eye contact can give others the impression that you’re on a mission with substance and purpose. If you can fake it and get through the scary times this can give you the confidence to tackle a similar situation again if it arises. What hasn’t killed you can only make you stronger.

When taking our portraits we also considered where we could put the camera to make us feel even stronger. Standing above someone puts you in a position of strength, whilst being at a lower level than them gives them the strength. Often we choose to take pictures of each other at the same eye height, giving us an equality with the person we’re communicating with. With these tools at our disposal our group braved the 35C heat and came back stronger than ever.

Mixed in with these pictures are photographs from a second mission. Here we looked at creating images that made us feel happy. Having a bank of happy memories can also boost us when we’re not feeling strong enough to tackle the world. After looking at these images though I wouldn’t be surprised if our Bonymaen group weren’t ready to take over the world!


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