Words and Pictures

Today was our final Camera Confidence session at Aberavon Leisure Centre. Here we challenged our participants to create and present their best photographs to the group. The idea of building confidence by talking about photographs is something we’ve always done in our courses. It’s far better to talk about something you’ve created that you’re proud to share rather than sitting in a circle sharing your woes.

Camera Confidence pushes everyone that little bit further in that everyone is encouraged to get on their feet and present. Standing at the front and leading the group is a real skill which can seem really daunting to some people. To help everybody feel more confident we gave free choice of topics and themes for photographs. This meant that when talking to the group everyone would be sharing something they felt very happy and confident in discussing.

We encouraged our participants to link at least six of their photographs together to tell a story. Working in sequence is a really good way to make any presentation interesting and coherent. You can be talking confidently about one picture knowing full well that your words will lead you naturally to the next image in the sequence.

Our group really pushed the boat out to make sure they were sharing their best. They chose to present themes of ‘The Turning Tide’, ‘The Little Things’ and ‘Timeless Aberavon’. I’m really impressed and hopeful that they will continue to use their new-found skills now the course has ended.


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