Bye Bye Bonymaen!

Today was the final session with our Bonymaen Camera Confidence participants. Here they had a chance to create photographs on themes that interested them and make a presentation to the group. Here we were treated to themes on nature, street scenes, and hidden rubbish. Bonymaen is on the edge of the city where it borders on some unspoiled wilderness, but this is not really the suburbs of the city either. Instead it has a character all of its own which makes for some really interesting and unique scenes!

Camera Confidence aims to give all our participants a chance to explore all the little things that they see and they head out into their own neighbourhood. Being a more confident person is about empowerment and ensuring that you are happy with the environment you are in. Taking control of what you are comfortable with means you’re more likely to take a chance on the less comfortable situations. Having the confidence to tackle things that are unusual or scary comes with time and with practice. We’re hopeful that our Bonymaen crew will continue to challenge their own boundaries and make new, positive, connections on their journeys through life. Bye bye Bonymaen!


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