Last Chance to See…

I’ve not mentioned my art for a while. This is something to do with this space being used to share some amazing photographs taken by my workshop participants. But still my art ticks along.

This year I’m showing my back catalogue at the wonderful Workers Gallery at Ynyshir. Here is the last chance to see and buy some of my much older works as well as get hold of some innovative new pieces.

By ‘last chance’ I really mean just that. I don’t plan to show this work again for a very long time, if at all. I have no desire to keep rolling out the same pieces over and over. I always promised myself that work should only ever be shown for five years. A self-imposed time limit means my work always moves forward. I have never felt it is healthy to stagnate. Progress means that sometimes good things end in order for better things to grow and thrive.

The Workers Gallery is open Thursday to Saturday at 99 Ynyshir Rd, Ynyshir. Congratulations to the gallery for being awarded Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for being the top attraction in the Rhondda. Thanks to Chris and Gayle and all my fellow artists at the Workers for making this gallery such an awesome place to be a part of.


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