A Group on a Mission!

Shining the Light on You is a course with a difference in that we’re really exploring a sense of community and how we can spread that feeling to benefit everyone. Today we’re shining the light on the Old Swansea Boys Club in Mayhill. It has been derelict for a while but our participants are on a mission to breathe new life into this iconic building.

This course is only the beginning of a long adventure that our group are undertaking. Our aim is to give our community the tools to take this building out of its current state and into a long and happy future. Empowerment isn’t something that can be taught or learned, it has to come from within. The future of this building needs to start and end with the community if it is to have longevity in how it benefits the people of Swansea.

The Old Swansea Boys Club is perched on the edge of a cliff and has views for 40 miles in every direction. From here you can see well into the mountains and across the bay. It’s an amazing location and has so much potential for tourism and culture as well as for day-to-day community use. We imagined ourselves sat outside sipping coffee on a terrace whilst the younger generation fulfill their potential inside. We considered all the creative arts that could potentially take place here. We imagined how that this building could shine out as a cultural beacon across the city; a champion of resourcefulness in the face of adversity. Just a few choice backers would be all it takes to make their vision a reality and put this Swansea icon back into public use again.


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