What makes you special?

Shining the Light on You is all about quality participants who are trying to make a difference to their own community. What this group lack in size they make up for in determination and ambition.

Today we asked everyone what their skill set is and how they can contribute to the community. Everyone has skills but sometimes it takes sharing your ideas with a group to realise what they are. Between just three people we found a film specialist, painter, student liaison specialist, crafts and community workshop facilitator, communications specialist, hairdressing and beauty specialist, portfolio and presentations expert, graffiti expert, visual design and arts specialist, industrial hygiene specialist, public relations expert, cake maker, ideas and motivational specialist, community historian, disability and older people’s champion, bar and hospitality specialist, radiographer*, planner, realist, people management specialist, transport and logistics facilitator, holistic therapist, recruitment specialist, trainer, manager, writer, community expert, self-employment business expert.

So how do you show any of this in a photograph? With three very strong and competent ladies, how can we convince the world that their diverse portfolio of skills is what the world needs? And how can this group use their skills to make the Old Boys Club in Mayhill a working community resource again? Well they have the plans, the skills, the commitment, and the know-how to make their dreams a reality. Shining the Light on You is all about empowering our determined group to get themselves ready to push forward and realise their ambitions. With this skill set the world won’t know what’s hit them!

*we’re not sure whether being a radiographer is useful but it was definitely a surprising addition to the skills portfolio!


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