Grand Designs for Mayhill

Today we brought our Shining a Light on You series of workshops to a close with a look at how the community can come together to improve itself. All communities are a combination of co-operation, support, communication, and collective responsibility which has to come from within its boundaries. Already the Mayhill area has pockets of communities working to maintain the area. The Jewish Cemetery is well maintained, the Washing Pond group are pro-active in getting a community garden up and running, Bryn-y-Don group have worked hard at creating a wonderful park with an amazing star-path, and the NHS are working in collaboration with Swansea Council to bring a new family centre and GP surgery to the area.

With so much going on it makes you wonder why Mayhill is still considered as a neglected part of the city, perhaps this is because there is still so much that can be done. Our Shining the Light on You group have a grand plan for some of the unused green spaces as well as redevelopment of the Old Boys Club at the top of Baptist Well Place. The idea for our course came from the community itself and over the course we have helped participants realize the skills they have to make their vision a reality.

We’ll be keeping in touch with our participants and watching as they make waves in their community. I can’t wait to see their grand designs get transformed into reality.


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