Making Headway

Headway is a nationwide charity supporting those with brain injury and today we were fortunate enough to be working with a small group of people affiliated with this wonderful charity. The Swansea branch of Headway is a small but determined group of hardy individuals who are taking life in their stride. Surviving after illness or incident which has caused a brain injury is not an easy prospect. Recovery can be slow and frustrating but with the right help it can also be rewarding too. Headway Swansea recognises the challenges, as well as the need for support, so they aim to provide new and interesting activities for those who are trying to make their own headway in life after brain injury.

The activities we provided today were designed to build confidence and help our participants enjoy seeing their world in new and interesting ways. We were at Tircoed Forest Village, a leafy community on the edge of Swansea, so we instantly felt a sense of well-being and calmness. Toss in a huge dollop of sunshine and we couldn’t fail. Headway Swansea is aiming to use some of the photographs created by participants for the charity’s calendar for next year. It is really exciting to see our Headway participants striving for excellence so that the charity can be represented in the best possible way.

I can’t wait to have the chance to work with Headway again if today’s participants are anything to go by. We laughed and smiled our way through a sunny July afternoon with the only negative being that it was over far too soon!



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