Confidence in Neath

Today has seen a new Camera Confidence workshop begin over in Neath. It’s always fun starting something new but it can also be a time of uncertainty. Just walking through the door of a new place and meeting new people can be a mental hurdle, let alone being asked to work with someone new.

We all work within our comfort zones. It makes us feel safe and sure about where we are in the world but it can also limit us. If we don’t take chances then how can we find what else is out there? Some places and situations might be a bad choice (and we’ll learn not to do that again) but others will lead to new opportunities and friendships which can be positive and long lasting. It all starts with that first step.

Today’s first step saw our participants working in pairs to discover Neath town centre. We looked at themes of buildings, the natural world, transport, and also what makes us happy. Can you guess which photographs belong to which theme?


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