Madison, Secrets, St. Pancras, Serbia, and so on & so forth…

There’s been a bit of a gap between blog entries here but that doesn’t mean I’m sat around this summer doing nothing. In between photography workshops I’m working towards showing my work over in Madison, Wisconsin [this Winter hopefully].

Meanwhile I’m still showing my art over at the conference centre at St Pancras Hospital as part of the Art of Caring exhibition [runs until end of October]. I’ll be visiting the exhibition later this month with my fellow collaborator Graham Parker.

Then there’s my contribution to the Secret Art Sale 2017 with the Environment Trust over in Richmond on Thames near London [end of September]. Last year my work was shown next to renowned illustrator Quentin Blake so I’m really excited to see where the curators feel I belong this year.

I have some long-standing connections with some wonderful curators over in Croatia and Serbia and hopefully will be in a few things over in Eastern Europe later this year.

New work is coming along in the shape of my New Forms collection [I really need to update this section to include some ceramic heads I made earlier in the year]. Progress here is painfully slow because I’m working closely with Ben Honebone in making photographs and videos for Stone Letter Media. We’ve been working with Caerphilly based band Mudlark [new video out soon] as well as photographing Cardiff’s Malum Sky who broke out of Wales for the first time last weekend as part of the legendary Bloodstock festival.

I’m also prepping for changing over my current artworks hanging over at Workers Gallery in Ynyshir [by the end of this month, possibly even this weekend]. Thinking of which, this 12″ x 12″ hand-cut layered picture will be departing the gallery soon and heading off to new owners.

I think that’s all. For now at least!

Stare Down



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