We’re born, then there’s that complicated bit in the middle, and then we die. Making sense of all the complicated stuff is something that everyone has loads of advice about but no-one has the answers to. I’ve always thought that the best we can do, is be the best that we can be as individuals. We’re all different. No one size fits all of us. We can share ideas on what we think is best but what we choose to do with that is up to us. Giving ourselves space to grow is just as important as doing the growing. Realistic goals, achievable ambitions, and getting our own mental infrastructure in order is an ever changing landscape that only really ends at the very end. Hang on… this is a bit deep for a Thursday isn’t it? How does this relate to photography workshops and those pictures below?

Well today in Neath we were considering how to be and what this means for our interaction with other beings. More specifically, our Camera Confidence course has been looking at body language skills you need to interact in interview situations. We chatted about how to come across as honest (but not too honest), genuine (but not overwhelmingly so), confident (but not cocky), strong (but not intimidating). The fears you have are probably shared with a dozen other people out on the street at any one time but you can’t always spot when these people are shaking inside. So how do you fit in with all this? How can you possibly put one foot in the door when you’re body is telling you to run a thousand miles in the opposite direction? We’ve been talking about eye contact, mental baggage, physical awareness, and all that stuff that you need in order to be the best that you can be. And if you’re really quaking in your shoes, how to fake it all so that you have a chance of being where you feel you want to be.

Our Camera Confidence participants made sure that the photographs they took showed themselves in the best possible way. These portraits illustrate ideas on personality, strength, experience, trust, and independence. Our team used their interpersonal skills to stage each photograph so that the body language was 100% spot on for what each participant wanted to convey. They demonstrated ingenuity and imagination this morning in creating scenarios to develop their own sense of confidence and well-being. I reckon they’ve nailed it. What do you think?


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