On the Maes

Today we held another Summer Fun Day at the community centre in Blaen-y-Maes here in Swansea. This time we had queues of children wanting to photograph their community. Our youngest photographer was only five but she wanted to be a part of recording what the streets of Blaen-y-Maes have to offer.

It’s a privilege to be working with this part of Swansea and a real joy to work with the talent that these young people have. Some were picking up a camera for the very first time which means they weren’t limited by rules about what they felt photography should be. Throwing away the rule book and having fun is something some of our adult participants often have a problem with. Here on the Maes experimentation, fun, and inventiveness were the order of the day.

This is street photography as it should be: unmeasured, unrestrained, and genuine. This isn’t an outsiders view on a community they have just visited. This is a view of Blaen-y-Maes by the people of Blaen-y-Maes. It doesn’t get much better than this.


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