We are all a work in progress

I think I shared a picture of this before I can’t remember. It’s been added to since. Embellished. Enhanced. Made more beautiful.

This is the spine detail from a full size ‘corset’ style torso called We are all a work in progress. This has been collaged out of my own photographs and the same size as my own body. These photographs are cyanotypes, lith prints, and various black and white images which were printed by myself in the darkroom back in 2008.

The concept is one of memory and self. We are always recycling our memories in order to make progress in building a new future. The stitching detail represents the scars, physical or mental, we may have as a result of past encounters. How we build ourselves as a result of our past is totally up to us and how we choose to wear those scars is how we heal ourselves. I prefer to take my past memories and rework them into something which I consider beautiful rather than something which may be destructive. The past cannot be altered but we can always change our future by building constructively out of pieces of our past.

I’ve been asked to submit a piece of work for an exhibition in London. I think this might be the one. If  the curator decides it’s not for him then the rejection will not hurt. Instead it will be stitched into the fabric of my own being as an embellishment on the already rich tapestry of my life.

Melanie Ezra [spine detail]


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