Skill Sharing

I’ve been busy this last week planning new photography workshops, creating new things, plotting new music videos with Stone Letter Media, and devising a new paper cutting workshop. Devising new ways of working with others to be more creative is a real challenge. Trying to get it to pay the bills is something else.

I’ve been making this style of greetings card for a while and they’ve been really popular at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. I’m thinking of ways I can teach people to make their own. It’s always a joy to share knowledge with others. Some artists don’t do it because they’re worried about people stealing their ideas or methods. They see it as a threat. I reckon if people want to try and do the things that I do then they should have the chance to do it. If someone ends up doing what I do better than me then that’s awesome because I’ll have someone to learn from. I don’t fear competition.

So, as I see it, there are a few ways I can make this art pay my bills. I can sell the cards to those people who want to own them, and I can run a workshop for people who want to make their own. Everyone goes home happy with something created by them or created for them.

Once I’ve worked out locations and details of this style of workshop I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning how to do this then please get in touch!



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