This Weekend in Richmond

What do Anna Friel, Ian Hislop, Joss Ackland, Katherine Jenkins, Bamber Gascoigne and me have in common? Not a lot usually but this weekend that all changes. It’s the Environment Trust’s Secret Art Sale in RACC, Richmond on Thames and that means my art will be hanging among work by these famous names and a whole load more. There will be contributors from all walks of life sharing their art for a good cause. You can see the full list of contributors by clicking HERE.

The list is brimming with major arts names too such as Gordon Buchanan, Alex Scheffler, and Ian Beck. Last year one of my drawings was placed next to illustrator Quentin Blake which is just amazing! The nature of the sale means that my work is priced the same as everyone else’s which gives all buyers a chance to pick up something new for a bargain. You can buy any of the original pieces on show for just £35 but you won’t know who created it until after you buy it! All the proceeds go to the Environment Trust to assist in community and conservation projects so it’s a cause I’m more than happy to donate to. The show is only running Friday and Saturday so you have to get organised if you want to get your hands on something wonderful. Click here to peruse the catalogue.

So normally I’d put a photograph here of the work I’ve submitted for exhibition but then that would mean it isn’t a secret any more. You can look through the catalogue yourself and see if you can find which one’s mine. So I’m going to have to show you something else instead…. …. …. I’ve paused because I’m fishing through the catalogue myself trying to decide which one I would buy… … hmmmm… … I think I would want this one… I wonder who it’s by!


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