Finding Confidence in Neath

Today we started our first workshop of the autumn season at Melin Advice Centre in Neath. We’ve worked here before and it really is a joy to see what the people of Melin find on their doorstep. Camera Confidence aims to give people the confidence to see what is around them and work in a positive way to enhance their own skill set.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be improving our artistic and technical skills through photography but also ensuring everyone has a chance to make new friends and have fun. We’ll also be challenging people to improve the way they present themselves and challenge ideas of what is stressful. Our group will be presenting their photographs to the group, learning how to speak confidently in front of strangers, and gaining the confidence to make the most of new opportunities which might present themselves.

Today we planted the seeds of confidence and paired up participants to work on particular themes. Here you have Transport, The Natural World, Textures & Patterns, and Buildings. For a first week I think you have to agree, these photographs are amazing! I can’t wait to see what awesome photographs our group produce next week !


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