Cutting it!

I’ve been over in Ynyshir today at the Workers Gallery delivering a special workshop for just two participants. It’s not often I run workshops about my own personal art practice. This isn’t because I’m secretive about my processes – it’s just that I’m amazed that anyone wants to know. I suppose that’s my own lack of ego that places my own creative musings at the bottom of the heap. My ideas and methods are just how I work and I don’t consider them special in any way. Luckily others see what I do in a different way to me, and that’s how today came about.

So today I delivered Cutting It!, a four hour workshop sharing all the ways I use the scalpel in my art. We considered everything from collage using photography, to creating greetings cards through simple paper cutting and layering. It’s a really liberating experience just letting go and cutting up stuff. Gluing it back together again is the complicated bit but it doesn’t have to be stressful. The best thing about cutting up photographs is that you can always get more printed. Any erroneous cuts are just opportunities waiting to take you in a new direction. Any rogue glue can be rubbed away when dry. There’s no way you can go wrong if you’re expecting strange and random results!

Julie and Dale hadn’t created art in this way before so it was interesting seeing what they could do after just a few hours. I’m considering running more workshops like these in the future. If you’d like me to hold one for you just get in touch below and I’ll see what I can do for you.






2 thoughts on “Cutting it!

  1. Mel; I have still got the flower that you helped me produce in Roz’s Saith Gallery in Burry Port a few years ago and I still remember the experience; thank you. It was a fun day.


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