The Sewing Circle Rethread

I’m really pleased to announce that I’m involved in another London exhibition at St Pancras Hospital. The Sewing Circle Rethread is curated by Elaine Harper-Gay and Peter Herbert of The Arts Project, Camden and features 23 artists who use needlework in their art.

This is a really interesting exhibition for me in so many ways. Needlework for me has always just been something that you do. It’s been in my family for so long, so many generations, that it never occurred to me that this is something that isn’t necessarily mainstream. It’s only over time that I’ve realised that the way I was brought up and the crafts I learned along the way just weren’t available to other people. I learned to weave when I was 10 and I handmade rugs at 11. I’ve knitted and sewed pretty much anything and everything. It hasn’t formed the main body of my artistic practice because it never occurred to me until recently that it could.

For The Sewing Circle Rethread, I am showing a piece called We are all a Work in Progress. This is a full size paper torso based on my own form and created from hundreds of darkroom prints from my old sketchbooks. Cyanotypes and salt prints tumble over photograms and sketch notes to examine the ideas of us being formed of our combined histories and memories. I’ve always believed that it isn’t your experiences that define you but how you stitch together the memories after. We are always reworking and redefining ourselves, creating new stitches to hold our minds and bodies together.

The Sewing Circle Rethread will open on 10th November and is open for viewing 9am-5pm Monday to Friday until  12th January at the Conference Centre Gallery, St Pancras Hospital, London. Film maker Anna Bowman will be making a short film about this exhibition. I’ve already been interviewed by Anna as part of The Art of Caring at St Pancras. You can see that by clicking HERE.



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