The Season for Sharing

Having so many exhibitions all over the place is a wonderful thing. It means people have the opportunity to see my art in the flesh so to speak. I’m always aware though that no matter how local you are there are always a multitude of reasons why you can’t get to the gallery. Sometimes it’s a time thing, sometimes it’s a health thing, and sometimes it’s just an apathy thing. I get it. I’m not offended. Life has priorities and sometimes leaving the sofa and going to a gallery isn’t one of them.

Tis is the season for sharing. Why there has to be a season I don’t know. I figure that sharing is something that should be done all year round. So if you want to see my art but haven’t got the energy, or the time, then you can see it whenever you like over on YouTube. Click HERE or view it below as many times as you like. The show runs until January.