Time to Stop

Today we’ve been working with Swansea Carers Centre on a one day photography course looking at how we can be more mindful. Carers are often on-call 24-hours a day and with little respite from their duties and so telling you not to worry, or to empty your mind of any stress, when you have a world of responsibility on your shoulders isn’t always very practical. Instead we considered how we could be more mindful by taking time to stop and admire the world around us using cameras. Looking at life through a lens can be a great way to consider how we can be calmer within ourselves.

This morning was all about seeing and looking. We took time to examine some of the more historical aspects of Swansea. We found elephants on the High Street and dragons above Union Street which formed part of some of the old cinemas in town. We chatted about the castle and how we often overlook it as we’re whizzing past on our way to other places. Finding what makes a place tick is something that can help us come to terms with the rhythms and stresses around us. Looking, and really seeing, what we have on our doorstep can bring us closer to feeling great about what we have.

After lunch we looked at how we can create our own feeling of calm. Our participants were encouraged to find their own space and photograph what they saw when they felt they had reached a moment of calm. Creating an image of your own calm space can take a very short time and can instantly transport you back to that moment. The calm memories that our group created today should help to keep them centred and focused on the good things that are happening in the world around us. Taking a little time to stop and stare is sometimes all it takes to be more mindful about what life can be about.



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