Small World Futures

I’m kicking off 2018 with a new group exhibition over in London. Small World Futures will be shown at the #unsettledgallery near London Bridge throughout February. The #unsettledgallery is unique in that it has no fixed address and no fixed hours. Some pieces in Small World Futures will appear for a few minutes, others perhaps for more than a day. All artworks featured in the show can be picked up by the public for free so they really could end up anywhere.

Over the last few months of 2017 Collect Connect have been discovering a small set of public art spaces (niches, ledges, railing, flowerbeds etc) called the #unsettledgallery. The artworks from 18 artists will be placed one by one in these spaces as part of the Small World Futures exhbition.

My small sculptures have been inspired by what I consider to be possible futures for the human race. All have been created from found objects and recycled parts. ‘Found’ really does mean found in my case. I’ve been out into the garden and found snail shells, pieces of bark, and bits of bamboo. I’ve matched these up with buttons, beads, and doll parts from my recycling and mending box.  By making little sculptures from these found bits and bobs I’m thinking about how our world with its limited resources needs to get more inventive if it wants to create a future for itself.

I’ll be sharing more about these pieces as they appear in the #unsettledgallery. For now you’ll have to make do with the publicity poster. You can find out more about the inclusive art exhibitions run by Collect Connect by clicking HERE.



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