Talk and Test Shots

We’re working closely today with the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Employment Support (ASDES) again today. The Animated ASDES project is designed to give people a voice in letting employers know what they should be doing to assist those with autism. We’ll be guiding our participants to present themselves in a short film which can be then used to educate employers.

Today has been all about getting ideas that we can work with. We’ve been talking about the application process, interview questions, what employers get right, and whether the autism ‘label’ is something that needs to be talked about. Labels help us identify our place in the world and help us feel like we belong, but they can also give others false impressions and lead to stereotyping. Of course, any good prospective employer wouldn’t use stereotypes to determine whether or not someone is any good but it does sometimes happen. To smash the stereotype we’re putting our participants in front of the camera so they have the chance to tell it like it is.

Today’s discussions are helping us form ideas on what to film and what messages we want to get across. It’s important that the finished film is something that participants can feel confident and proud of. We want to encourage employers to look at ability rather than disability, and know that with a few alterations to the employment process they are able to give these awesome people a chance to shine as part of their company.



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