Does the label matter?

We’re continuing today with our work for ASDES. Our participants all have an autism diagnosis and are wanting to get the message out to employers that being autistic doesn’t stop them being amazing employees. We’re making a short film to explain to employers that a few small modifications to the way they do things can help make the applications process accessible to all.

It’s shouldn’t matter what type of person you have in front of you at interview, but what does matter is the style of questioning and the approach to your potential employee. Our film will discuss what questions are confusing, pointless, and overwhelming; but we’re also looking at what we can do to help employers get it right. Our group felt that clear job descriptions, giving interview candidates the questions in advance, and being open about what is expected is important to someone with autism. Hey, hang on, isn’t this important to us all? It’s not rocket science. Just be clear about what you want and everyone has a fair and equal chance!

We’re raising awareness of what it means to have autism by showing that there is no stereotype. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, and behavioural quirks. Around the table today were just a bunch of friends having a chat about their experiences. Their voice, and their messages, will be throughout the film that we’re making. All the ideas and questions about being employable have come from this small group of talented people. Their message so far is clear:

“Get to know me. Be patient. All you need to do is adapt a little to how I work and I’ll be the best worker you’ve ever had.”

If I was hiring, I’d take on any one of these wonderful people.



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