Animated ASDES

We’ve been spending this last month with ASDES and working on ways to give participants from the service a voice…. No…. that’s not right…. Participants from ASDES have always had a voice. They’re smart, funny, animated, intelligent, articulate, caring people who deserve to be listened to.
Let’s start again…

We’ve been spending this last month working on ways to enable our ASDES ambassadors to make their voices heard. We’ve been recording their message to employers with ideas on how to get the best out of people with autism when they reach interview. ASDES works closely with individuals to ensure that they’re best supported when entering the workplace so it’s important we get the message right.

We’ve been shooting so that we can create a short film to show employers that people with autism do not match a particular stereotype and that a few small tweaks to the interview process is all it takes to make everyone feel a little more comfortable. We can’t wait to edit this Animated ASDES film and share it with the world. Congratulations to everyone involved int his project and well done for trying all sorts of new things to get the story across. That’s a wrap people!

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