Big Pharma

I haven’t written for a while because I’ve been busy working on some of my own personal artmaking. This blog is not just a front for the workshops we run but also for my own practice. It’s no good running workshops telling people how to relax and get the most out of their creative side if I’m not doing the same!

I’ve been working on various different things at the moment which are not in the realm of my usual artmaking. It’s good to leave your comfort zone every now and then and rise to a challenge. My art is usually cut photographs, collage, and picture based work. It’s really refreshing to diversify into 3D works and try something new. I’ve been playing with Lego with an idea I’ve had for an exhibition in Denmark. I’m considering what the far future might hold and what kind of world we might live in.

Miniturization, globalization, and innovative uses of existing materials is where I think we’ll be at. Thinking about it, that’s where we’ve always been at. We’re always trying to adapt and improve our lot to make ourselves better. We’re always striving for longevity and trying to harness nature to provide us with either a quick fix or a long-term strategy depending on what frame of mind we’re in. As we become more technologically advanced we’re more and more reliant on tech to get through our day. Would there be a way to exist without it? It’s hard to see how we can ever be independent of technology. Are we becoming so dependent on it all that we’re in danger of becoming a world of addicts. What will Big Pharma hold for us in the future?

Below: Big Pharma 6cm x 6cm x 8cm. Made from Lego and found little plastic people.

Melanie Ezra_Big Pharma [left side view]


One thought on “Big Pharma

  1. Good dialogue. I agree that among strategies for art and global health should be thoughtful minimalism.
    So many solutions needed to turn our planet around.
    I am hopeful for all the energy and people behind these changes,

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