Tomorrow in Briton Ferry

Tomorrow I’ll be in Briton Ferry for a Family Fun Day run by Neath Communities First. This area of Neath has a massive community vibe and everything in this small town is run with community in mind.

Studies in the UK are showing that community has massive health implications. Local people who work together to support each other are more likely to stay healthy. It’s awesome to think that recent trends on well-being and prevention are finally getting the prominence they deserve in the press.

Of course in Neath they’ve known about this for years which is why health, well-being, sports, holistic therapies, good eating, and fun have always been prominent at community events. Supporting families and individuals to be better, healthier, versions of themselves is a common sense approach that I’m happy to support and be involved with.

We’ll be kicking off at 11am tomorrow at Hengwrt Barn in Llansawel Crescent. It costs nothing and everybody is welcome. I’ll be encouraging people to have a go at taking alternative pictures of themselves and considering how photography can be good for your mind and soul.

See you tomorrow!



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