NAWR in Newtown

I’ve been in Newtown, Powys, today delivering Continuing Professional Development to art teachers from the region on behalf of NAWR Arts and Education Network Mid and West Wales. The workshop, based in Oriel Davies, is all about using i-Pads to make photographs, edit using PS Express, and create storyboards.

I always aim to deliver workshops and training that I would enjoy myself. I have a short attention span and I learn best when I’m doing (rather than just seeing and listening) so I try to accommodate fellow doodlers and fidget bottoms like me. As you can see from the picture, nobody stayed in their seats for very long. Getting to grips with new technology is something that needs practice rather than lecturing. Confidence is something that grows, and by the end of the day I wanted everyone to feel at one with their i-Pads. On a sunny day like today it made sense to me then to get everybody out into the park by the magnificent River Severn

It’s a real privilege to be working with teachers, listening to their ideas, and how they feel they can enhance the awesome work they already do with some new techniques. Health and well-being is part and parcel of seeing and creating, so I feel it is very important that everyone today had space to think, relax, and consider. Thankfully nobody was so relaxed by the river that they forgot to come back!

I’ll be back here again on July 6th delivering a similar course to Primary School Teachers. I can’t wait!



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