Snail #8

As a follow up from Snail #9 which I completed a week or so ago, I’ve actually completed a second piece in this series. Here’s Snail #8. Both are layered and hand cut pictures created from 15 individual original photographs.Honestly, it’s been like pulling teeth trying to get these done. I feel I’ve been cutting paper for far too long now and I need to have a break and think about the direction I’m heading in. I’m always trying to make progress in my own head….

Reading back that last sentence makes sense to me but I know it sounds a bit odd so I’ll try and explain. I’m always trying to move myself forward mentally. I cut pictures and create art for my own mental well-being. I challenge my own creative thinking and in turn it enables me to challenge my own thinking with other things that I do. By continually using the same method to create things I end up stagnating. I end up resenting the work I’m making and avoiding the studio. It’s for this reason I don’t want to make any more snail pictures. The Do Snails Believe in Reincarnation series is complete (or suspended indefinitely). If there is nowhere new for it to go then I don’t want to go there. So Snail #9 and Snail #8 will be the only two framed pieces created from the ten original snail sculptures I made for the ….Reincarnation series.*

So where next? I’m planning on revisiting some concept art I made a while back for a client which was ultimately rejected. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with it but I know it will be framed when it’s finished. It will be based on a photograph but no layers and no cutting. I feel like it needs to be a collage of some sort though. Give me a while to order my ideas. Perhaps until the end of summer… or the end of the year at my current rate of working!

I’m hoping to get Snail #9 and Snail #8 on show at a gallery soon. Meanwhile I’m showing as part of the Taboo exhibition at the Workers gallery in Ynyshir, Wales. This runs until 4th August. Click HERE to find out more.



*If I ever make it famous I’ll delete this blog. Completists in auction houses across the globe will be hunting forever for the rest of this series. “Where are Snails #1-7 ?” they’ll ask. I’ll be giggling from the afterlife….. or not… and I’m wasting my time and only a tiny handful of people will ever own my art. As long as it gives them pleasure I’m happy 🙂

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